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“After Working with Chris, the Transformation was Amazing!”

I started with 80+ pounds of hyper dog that I could barely control, but after working with Chris Valdes the transformation was amazing. The training has been very liberating. I can take him anywhere with me and not have to worry about him. I can’t say enough about the spectacular training that both my dog and I have received.

Jennifer P.

“I Now Have The Confidence to Train my Corgi!”

The clicker-training program I went through with Chris Valdes was a very positive experience. They have given me the confidence to successfully train my Corgi while maintaining his enthusiasm. He remains attentive to my commands even through distractions. We are both happier due to the training.

Sara T.

“I’m So Grateful to Chris for the Incredible Results!”

After years of having small friendly dogs as pets I suddenly found myself with an incredibly dog-aggressive German Shepherd. Vince was out of control and very hard for me to manage. It was not until he bit my neighbor that I realized I needed help. I was virtually paralyzed and afraid to leave the house with him and was considering giving him up.

Fortunately for both of us, I met Chris After just six training sessions I can’t believe he is the same dog. He is able to go off leash with NO problem and I am always in complete control. Training with Chris was a great experience because he worked with both Vince and myself making sure that we were comfortable in all types of situations. I’m so grateful to Chris for the incredible results; having Vince trained has given me my life back and really allowed both of us to truly “Be Free.”

Joy F.

“Chris Cured my Nervous Dog’s Fear of New People!”

My girls were good dogs to begin with, but Chris made them excellent companions. During our training, he even managed to cure my nervous dog of her fear of new people. I can’t thank him enough for bringing so much to our lives. He’s a life-long friend of my girls and I. My girls are truly free and loving the ability to run around any open space we can find, thanks to Chris Valdes

Rebecca F

“Using The Remote Collar has been the Best Decision!”

I have to say that the remote collar training we received with Chris Valdes has been more than exceptional. We can take our 1 year old lab anywhere with the confidence that she will be under control. At first of course we were worried about using the collar as training but she loves learning with it. It has been the best decision we have made with our dog training.


“Chris Valdes dog training is a priceless service that creates a learning environment in which you and your dog can bond and learn together.”

People are amazed at how well-behaved my dog is, especially because she is only six months old, and we owe it all to Chris Valdes! I am so happy that I chose this service to help me train my puppy. Chris did more than teach my dog how to sit and stay, he taught her good behavior. He also always made sure I, as the owner, was capable of reinforcing these behaviors by myself which created consistency and helped my dog learn even quicker.

Chris Valdes dog training is a priceless service that creates a learning environment in which you and your dog can bond and learn together. 

Maureen V.

“Chris provided love and full of praise during training!”

When I received Tartan at 7 weeks of age, he was a wee fur-ball full of energy and of character. As a Scottish Terrier, he quickly showed his stubborn will, “boss” attitude, and intelligence. I had my hands full. I began looking for a trainer since I knew that Tartan would out-do the puppy kindergarten. Most private trainers told me he was too young at 9 weeks so to wait till he was at least 4 months. Tartan thought he was a one years old dog!

Luckily, we ran into Chris Valdes. Chris took one look at Tartan and said he could be trained easily. Chris’s positive, structured
obedience given by Chris provided Tartan mental stimulation and a foundation in discipline. Chris provided love and full of praise during training that Tartan enjoyed his lessons and loved seeing Chris each time.

My friends and co-workers have seen the dramatic change in Tartan since he’s been trained. He is still a Scottish Die-hard but manageable and calm.

Shawney F.

“Chris is exceptional at dog training.”

My husband and I were extremely pleased with our experience with “Chris Valdes” training and Chris Valdes. Chris is exceptional at dog training. Our 8 month old German Shepherd loved him and more importantly he respected him and learned from him. Chris’ methods are sound and consistent. We would not hesitate to recommend him and feel it was money well spent. When we take our dog out in public, we are often told how well behaved he is. Slugger is a large dog and it’s a comfort to me to feel secure about his behavior.

Karyn & Bill T.

“Not only has Chris trained Bogart, but he has also trained his novice “parents.”

Bogart has progressed from The Tibetan “Terror” who aroused apprehension to a Tibetan Terrier who is truly a trusted companion. Through the positive reinforcement training methods of “Chris Valdes”, Bogart has successfully retained his high-spirited personality while learning to practice and to master behavior desired by his adopted family. Not only have you trained Bogart, Chris, but you have also trained his novice “parents.”

Keep up your excellent work.

Kenneth & Margaret M.

“We are exceptionally fortunate to have found Chris.”

We are exceptionally fortunate to have found Chris Valdes to provide expert trainer services. We were having trouble with Murphy jumping on people and being inordinately active in social situations. Chris gave us the necessary tools to cope with his behavior and demeanor. Chris also builds your confidence in sustaining the training environment into the future after your professional sessions are concluded. Plus, he is always a phone call away if help is needed. Chris proved to us that any dog can be trained and managed to your expectations.

Gino & Kathy M.

“We can’t thank Chris enough for his knowledge, expertise and giving us the opportunity to fully enjoy our dog’s companionship. “

Andie is a 40 pound German Shepard, Australian Cattle Dog mix. We adopted her when she was about 7 months old, she was a rescue dog with “issues.” We called Chris and with his expert training knowledge, he helped us understand Andie’s most annoying habit. To greet you, Andie would jump about 7 feet and nip your forehead.

Chris explained this was her way of saying “hello” and even though a great trait for herding cattle not one you want to have for a family pet. Chris worked with us and with consistency and practice, Andie now stays on all fours to say hello to our family’s guests. Not only does she greet properly, she is a spectacular sight heeling – prancing backwards, sideways and of course, forward to the smiles of our neighbors watching us. My family can confidently take her out to the park, let her run free and when called she’s right by your side, sitting, alert and waiting for her next command. We can’t thank Chris enough for his knowledge, expertise and giving us the opportunity to fully enjoy our dog’s companionship.

Doug & Sue W.

“I appreciate All Your Help!”

I really appreciate all your help. everything you said makes so much sense. you are almost like a translator for dogs. once you explain their side of things, it makes sense for us humans to understand and communicate in their language. i don’t know if i told you before, but the way my dogs have acted since your lessons, it is almost as if they had been waiting this whole time for the directions to be given to them so they could do right.

I know I was very immature and uninformed when I got my dogs nine years ago, but it astonishes me now to think how much they (and i) have learned in such a short time taking your directions. it almost makes me mad to know that for as long as i have tried to get them to listen, one hour with you changed their whole demeanor. but, instead i will just be thankful that i found someone who was able to make a difference. i don’t have to worry anymore about the problems i had with them .

i also know that if any other problems arise you are only a phone call away from solving them. in my line of work i get to interact with a lot of people, and i have been talking about you and how phenomenal your performance is when it comes to training dogs. i am easily the most cynical person i know so the people i talk to are well aware that if i am impressed, what i found must be something special. most of them have a hard time believing that after one hour, one lesson, that my psycho dogs were any different. but i assure them that one hour made all the difference in the world. i can walk them in public with out causing a scene. i can stop worrying that they will bolt out the front door. i can relax on the couch without fighting to keep the dogs off. it is truly amazing. i feel very fortunate that i ran across your number, and i wanted to thank you for all of your help.

Stacey B.

“We think you’re the best kept secret in dog training!”

Thanks so much for the great training. We have seen such a change in Pharaoh. We can really show him off now! Thanks for giving us a “Be FREE Dog”. We think you’re the best kept secret in dog training!

Natasha & Terrence

“Chris is very professional and knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with for both us and the dogs.”

Chris has helped make our two dogs, Lennox and Spark, into two very well behaved animals. We never thought that this was possible before Chris helped them to become Chris Valdes. Chris is very professional and knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with for both us and the dogs. I would recommend Chris to anyone who is considering training for their dog as it is the best decision we ever made for the well being of our two dogs.

Steve P.

“I owe you a huge “Thank You” for the terrific work you did with my Boxer!”

I owe you a huge “Thank You” for the terrific work you did with my Boxer, Laila! When I first brought Laila home I knew that her timid disposition and fear of the world would make training her a challenge. I spent many months socializing her with strangers but saw few results. As Laila grew larger her appearance became more intimidating and strangers were not as willing to reach out to pet a growling, fearful, 50 pound dog! I was worried that Laila’s fears would lead to aggression and I was hesitant to take her anywhere new. The best decision I ever made was calling you for remote collar obedience!

Until I saw the changes in Laila’s behavior I would never have thought that basic obedience training could actually calm my dog in a stressful situation. Now, when Laila feels overwhelmed she looks to me for guidance rather than looking for a place to hide! I’m confident enough to take her back into the big scary world, and Laila is free to experience life in a way that might not have been possible without your help.

Thanks for Everything!

Elizabeth Love L.

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Your Well Behaved Dog is Just a Phone Call Away! Call us Now!

Call: 828-513-0917

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