Asheville Dog Academy Trailer

Check out our trailer! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

21 Day Board & Train Rhodesian Ridgeback Pit Bull Mix Totten – Asheville North Carolina Dog Training

21 Day Heavenly Hound Program – “Totten’s Journey to Freedom” When Totten came to us there was little to no control. His owners now have great control, a more relaxed dog and all live a much greater quality of life because of it! Check out the final video we’ve put together that shows Totten’s Journey to Freedom!

Asheville Dog Academy – Pomeranian Mix “Oreo” 21 Day Board & Train – Asheville NC Dog Trainer

Here’s a video of Pomeranian mix “Oreo” who went through our 21 Day Board & Train. Hope you Enjoy!

10 Day Board & Train Essentials Express – Papillon Jasper –Asheville North Carolina Dog Training

Here’s Jasper’s video of his 10 Days Board & Train Essentials Express. Jasper needed his indoor marking curbed and overall basic control. We were able to lay down a very solid foundation and give him the conditioning needed to make things a lot easier for his owner. Here’s a video of him demonstrating his training skills in several different environments. Hope you enjoy!

GSD Robey, Malinois Kimber & Mix Blondie Dog Obedience Training While Having Fun Off-Leash! – Asheville, NC Dog Trainer

Here are Board & Trains Robey, Kimber, and Blondie demonstrating great obedience training skills while enjoying some off-leash fun! Hope you enjoy!!

Asheville Dog Academy – Bichon “Gidget”, Lab & Husky “Wyatt” , Jack Russell & Rat Terrier “Rukus” – Asheville NC Dog Training

Here’s Gidget, Wyatt, & Rukus practicing some distraction training. They are all going through our 21 Day Board & Train program. Hope you enjoy!

Check out some Pre-Asheville footage

Chris has trained dogs in Northern Virginia and South Florida before settling in Asheville.  Check out this short clip of some previous work with previous clients and his own dogs.

Meet Totten

Totten came to us for major dog aggression issues and basic overall control.  Here’s footage of his 5th day of his 21 Board and Train program. More updates to come!!

Meet Joy – Asheville North Carolina Dog Trainer

Check out Joy in this short clip doing amazing focused work! Kudos to Uber the bulldog for being such a great distraction!!

Meet Uber

Uber came to us for puppy training.  Check out this short clip of him doing the place command and showing great impulse control as food is being thrown in front of him. Way to go Uber!!

Meet Lily

Check out some behind-the-scenes puppy training with 12 week old English Bulldog Lily.

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